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The Village People – Please STOP the music

The Village People played in Perth last Thursday to horrible reviews. Graeme Watson from OUTinPerth was there and he chats with Nick Bennett and Kayley Harris on The Daily Drive.

Wineries are targeting music, sport and weddings events to their venues. Ben Malouf, Kayley Harris and Nick Bennett chat to Michael Hope, founder of Hope Estate in NSW’s Hunter Valley.

1 hour ago / 09:02

Lisa Hasen – Vice President, Sales at OpenTable Asia Pacific – speaks to Kayley Harris and Nick Bennett about the restaurants of the future.

2 hours ago / 08:18

Nick Haslam – Professor of Psychology, Melbourne University – chats to Kayley Harris and Nick Bennett about research which has found that the temperature of where you live affects the friendliness of it’s citizens.

3 hours ago / 07:13

Each year, chefs, authors and publishing companies from all around the world submit ideas for Oprah’s Christmas Favourites. It’s incredibly popular and very hard to make. However our very own Kim McCosker did it! With her Marzipan Marbles. Listen in for the 4 ingredients recipe.

4 hours ago / 03:03

How long is ‘normal’ for gut transit time? Accredited practising and research dietitian Lyndal McNamara shares some great advice on Better Living with Ed Phillips.

5 hours ago / 10:17

Christmas is a great time to rest, relax and enjoy the company of family and friends. The day tends to involve lots of foods, gifts and also the sounds of plenty of bon bons popping and cracking. But how can we make the Christmas of 2017 a little more eco friendly? Eco living expert Laura Trotta […]

6 hours ago / 08:49

Dr Joe Kosterich shared some great news regarding weight loss and type 2 diabetes remission.

7 hours ago / 08:28

Tim Webster chats to Travel Writer, Julietta Jameson about her ultimate Christmas gift guide for different types of travellers.

9 hours ago / 08:14

Tim and Dee Dee talk to Dr Helena Popovic about the science behind successful New Years Resolutions.

11 hours ago / 11:19

  We’re told cheese can pose big problems for people trying to lose weight, but several new studies have found eating cheese may reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.   That’s great news for Anna Perejma, the founder of The Cheese Riot.  

16 hours ago / 03:23

David Prior talks with Singer Songwriter Katie Brianna about her trip to the USA and her brilliant album “Victim Or The Heroine”

19 hours ago / 12:29

David Prior talks to movie guru Jim Sherlock about classic cinema and this week its all about the best Christmas Movie”s ever made.

20 hours ago / 27:51

David Prior talks to Singer/Songriter Arna Georgia about her career and her new single “Broke and Single”

20 hours ago / 10:31

David Prior talks to Margaret Pomeranz about her visit to the Venice Film Festival which is on Foxtel this Wednesday the 13th Australia’s favourite film critic Margaret Pomeranz travelled to the Venice Film Festival where she caught up with old friends and saw many of the year’s most anticipated and contentious films. Interviews include: The […]

21 hours ago / 12:48

Between the hours of 9am and 3pm dating apps see their highest traffic. This means most people using those apps are using them while at work. Matthew Tukaki is joined by Daniel Kim, Nick Abood, Jodi Allen and Raife Watson to discuss whether dating apps should be allowed in the workplace.

23 hours ago / 47:34

  Optus is the latest provider that has been forced by the ACCC to provide a refund to customers for misleading NBN claims. Joe Hanlon – Editor and Publisher at WhistleOut – chats to Trevor Long and Nick Bennett on Talking Technology about it.

24 hours ago / 10:25

  Leon Saliba – Co-Founder of – chats to Kayley Harris and Nick Bennett on The Daily Drive about preparing your car for a road trip.

11/12/2017 / 07:03

  Would you like to fly in a fighter jet? Kayley Harris and Nick Bennett chat to Easty (that’s his call sign) on The Daily Drive. He’s a Wing Commander and Fighter Pilot with the Royal Australian Air Force… and in his spare time he pilots adventure rides for a company called Jet Fighter.

11/12/2017 / 07:46
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    If we think about the word actor, we typically will think of Cate Blanchette or Russel Crowe: actors on the big screen, larger than life.   But there’s a whole other group of actors- voice actors, who make a living providing voice overs for all manner of things.   Australian Karen Jacbosen is […]

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  A big expose this week on the SEVEN network…the Christmas ham we buy in the next couple of weeks might not be all it seems.   For example, many hams apparently are injected with WATER… kilograms of water, in fact, and that bumps up the price.   ADAM STRATTON knows his hams…he is AUSTRALIA’s […]

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