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Life In The Solar System

David Prior talks to our “Starman” Dave Reneke A privately funded team may beat NASA to the punch when it comes to looking for life on the Saturn moon Enceladus. Its a boldest move by a privateer, basically looking for a ‘smoking gun.’ Breakthrough Initiatives — a program founded by billionaire tech investor Yuri Milner […]

Macquarie Cricket returns to the airwaves for one of sport’s greatest events: The Ashes. Follow all the action via the best commentary team in Australia. Experts: Damien Fleming Glenn McGrath Ian Chappell Mike Hussey John Emburey Carl Rackeman Dean Jones ‘Mo’ Matthews Ball-by-ball action: Tim Lane Bruce Eva Tony Leonard David Morrow Macquarie Media’s cricket coverage […]

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David Prior talks to the legendary Diesel, Mark Lizotte about his amazing career, his latest album Americana and the 30 Year Thang tour which he is on now 2017 marks 30 years since Diesel literally stepped off the bus after making the Nullarbor crossing from Perth with his band Johnny Diesel And the Injectors, […]

4 hours ago / 29:58

The king of the drinks, Mr Ben Malouf talks about Australian White Wine and why its the best.

5 hours ago / 07:17

David Prior talks to School of hard knocks founder, Dr Jonathon Welch AM who will be in Brisbane on Friday 8 December to present the School of Hard Knocks’ fourth annual end of year concert – “Merry & Bright” which will feature the Absolutely Everybody Brisbane choir. The choir will be just back from their first […]

6 hours ago / 11:41

Mark Franklin, MD of VTech Australia joins Nick and Trev to inform them of a new line of phones seeking to aid those with hearing impairments.

9 hours ago / 04:27

  Tim Falinski is the Senior Director, Consumer for APAC at Trend Micro. He joined Nick Bennett and Trevor Long for a chat about the ‘What’s Your Story’ competition winners and the importance of teaching kids about cyber security.

10 hours ago / 13:08

  Simone Austin is an Accredited Practising Dietician and Spokesperson for the Dietician’s Association of Australia. She joined Nick Bennett and Mieke Buchan for a chat about the pros and cons of air frying food.

10 hours ago / 09:59

  Renowned photographer, Stu Spence, is set to release a book titled ‘When A Man Snaps’. Stu joined Nick Bennett and Mieke Buchan for a chat about his photography and what to expect in the new book.

11 hours ago / 12:13

Andrew Bycroft of The Security Artist joins Nick and Mieke to run through the safest methods of Christmas shopping this year.

12 hours ago / 06:55

Wotif Travel Specialist Amanda Behre joins Nick and Mieke to discuss Australian travel habits ahead of the festive season

12 hours ago / 09:09

Nick and Mieke are joined by our sponsor Rob Projeski of Australian Mortgage Options to discuss investing in old properties vs new ones.

13 hours ago / 03:35

Nick and Mieke are joined by Fairfax Columnist Jenna Price to discuss the issuing of fines to unfocused pedestrians on their phones.

13 hours ago / 05:06

Our resident nutritionist Fiona Tuck shares some great pre silly season health tips and also introduces us to her new wholefood powders range VITA-SOL.

15 hours ago / 21:07

Aussie cricket fans may not know much about Mark Stoneman or Dawid Malan. John Emburey, who played 64 Tests for England, told Macquarie Cricket there are question marks over some of the players. Embers shed some light on some of the lesser-known players in the English XI: Mark Stoneman: “Similar batsman to Cook… he uses […]

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With Janine Sounness from PB Seeds.

16 hours ago / 10:41

Cricket’s strong junior pathways could give it a leg-up over rival sports. Rachael Haynes, who captained Australia to a retention of the women’s Ashes, told Macquarie Media she benefitted from an easy journey from junior to professional cricket. “It’s potentially an advantage that cricket has over other sports, and it’s only going to get stronger,” […]

17 hours ago

Gerald Quigley discusses Crohn’s Disease and shares some great treatment options on Better Living. He also answers caller questions.  

17 hours ago / 15:40

Tim Webster is joined by the fabulous Shannon Lush to answer your cleaning questions. For more information on Shannon Lush click HERE.

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Author and nutritionist Lola Berry has just released her latest book Lola Berry’s Beauty Food and she joined Ed on Better Living to discuss how we really are what we eat.

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  Get ready to hear a lot about Hemp Foods and Hemp products!   Hemp will be legalised for Australian consumption from Sunday, November 12. That means food made with hemp products can be legally sold as food..   A great source of protein with a distinctly nutty flavour, hemp, derived from the same species […]

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