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Are we germaphobes?

Whether it’s hand sanitisers, antibacterial wipes or hand/body wash, the slogan “kills 99% of germs” is everywhere. Are we all becoming germaphobes? After all, not all bacteria is bad… Willa Huston is the Acting Associate Head of School, Learning and Teaching at University of Technology Sydney and she joined Ed on Better Living to discuss. 

Rob Projeski from our sponsor Australian Mortgage Options joins Nick and Sam to discuss keeping a level head while investing.

11 mins ago / 03:49

Nick and Sam are joined by News Corp National Motoring Editor, Richard Blackburn to talk about prejudice of car badges.

33 mins ago / 07:33

The Friendly Psychologist Jacqui Manning discusses why many no longer accept sadness as a human emotion, and why we should start to!

2 hours ago / 09:22

With macadamia grower Graeme Fleming from the North East Coast of NSW.

4 hours ago / 11:12

Nestle Factory Manager Mathew Oram talks all things Milo – a national icon!

5 hours ago / 08:07

Tim  and Dee Dee are joined by Dr. Helena Popovic to talk about the morning habits you should be avoiding if you’re trying to lose weight.

8 hours ago / 09:52

Tim and Dee Dee were joined by the Founder of Credi, Tim Dean to talk about the rules you should set if you’re going to be the bank of Mum and Dad.  

9 hours ago / 11:35

David Prior talks to Kevin Moloney about his brilliant new book “The Last Australian Childhood”, a heartfelt collection of stories by Kevin Moloney about growing up as a typical boy in suburban Melbourne in the 1960s.  

16 hours ago / 12:48

David Prior talks to Courtney Act who stars in “Grease” The Arena Experience”

16 hours ago / 17:12

  David Prior talks to Jonny Taylor who has a brand new album out called “Dig deep” which includes the new single “Better Day”  

16 hours ago / 09:02

Trent Innes spoke with Matthew Tukaki about what small businesses can expect around the busy Christmas shopping period.

19 hours ago / 04:39

Matthew Tukaki and Justin Brown take a look at some of the most ridiculous excuses people come up with when they ‘chuck a sickie’.

20 hours ago / 09:08

Raife Watson from Adzuna speaks with Matthew Tukaki about the benefits of moving to places in regional Australia for work.

21 hours ago / 04:41

Crinkling News editor and Media Me founder, Saffron Howden joins Nick and Trev to discuss the rise of fake news and how it’s affecting our youth.

21 hours ago / 11:00

Nick and Trevor are joined by Editor of Kotaku Australia, Alex Walker to discuss how Nintendo are still thriving after all these years.

22 hours ago / 10:25

Vet Science Officer with the RSPCA Dr Jade Norris joins Nick and Sam to let them know why pets shouldn’t be bought as presents this Christmas.

23 hours ago / 05:49

  Music guru and author, Jeff Apter, joined Nick Bennett and Sam Stove for a chat about the late ACDC co-founder, Malcolm Young.

24 hours ago / 09:43

In about a decade, you might just be able to. Nick and Sam are joined by Space Analyst, Dr Morris Jones to discuss space tourism.

20/11/2017 / 05:40
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