High hopes for Sydney’s own ‘high line’



Imagine an urban harbourside walkway, teaming with cyclists, pedestrians and tourists, spanning almost 2km in one of the best cities in the world. 


The track would run from Waverton Station on Sydney’s lower north shore, right through to the amusement rides of Luna Park beside the Harbour Bridge.  Along the way it would pass through parkland and an old sandstone tunnel.


It’s a vision that Ian Mutton, founder of the Sydney Harbour High Line Association, wants to make a reality.


“It would link those pocket handkerchief parts of the Sydney foreshore and bring them all together in one massive, dynamic park” he said.


But the transformation of the Waverton to Lavender Bay rail line depends on whether local supporters can persuade NSW state rail bosses to give up what is potentially prime real estate on one of the best harbours in the world.


“This is a piece of land that is just sitting there, that is ripe for either development – make it Barangaroo mark two – or make it a community asset like the New York Highline for the people of Sydney.”


You can listen to Ian’s full chat with Murray and Deb by streaming the player above, and find out more here.