Michael Chamberlain, father of baby Azaria, dies aged 72


Most Australians will remember the tragic story of baby Azaria Chamberlain, who was snatched from a tent by a dingo at Uluru in 1980. The phrase “a dingo stole my baby”, screamed by Azaria’s mother Lindy, has crudely entered the national lexicon.


Azaria’s parents, Lindy and Michael Chamberlain, were thrust into the national spotlight as they found themselves at centre of one of Australia’s most sensational legal battles. They were charged over their babies disappearance, Lindy with murder, and Michael with accessory after the fact.


They were both convicted of their respective charges, before later being pardoned, and ultimately exonerated.


This morning we learned that Michael Chamberlain has died at the age of 72 due to complications from Leukemia. Much of his life was dedicated to fighting for justice and clearing his name.


Malcolm Brown is a retired journalist but spent many years covering the Chamberlain saga in extensive detail for the Sydney Morning Herald, and counted Michael Chamberlain as a friend. Malcolm joins Kayley and Ian on the FiftyUp Club to reflect on this significant period in Australia’s history.