Tips to get fit with your pet!



Exercise – You either love it or you will find every way possible to avoid it.


If you have pets, you might be able to coordinate a walk with your pooch (or even cat) and sneak some exercise in without even really noticing it. It is also a great way for you to bond with your pet and get them used to being out of the house.


Walking is just one of the many ways you can exercise with your pet. Other exercise includes running, swimming, even tennis – maybe not a game of tennis but the puppy kind of tennis where you throw the ball and they just bring it back to you.


You could also take the lazy way out and go to the dog park – although you won’t be getting as much exercise as your pet will!


Animal Behaviourist Dr Jo Righetti, Co-host of Talking Pets on Talking Lifestyle joined David Prior to talk about the joy of exercising with your pets- Listen now.