Tackling breast cancer head on with a positive attitude


Around 42 Australian women are diagnosed with breast cancer every day, with the news coming as a shocking blow to women and their families.


It can be very difficult to cope with a diagnosis of breast cancer, both practically and emotionally, and women usually wade through the seven stages of grief.


Everybody handles the news differently. When journalist Janise Beaumont was told she had breast cancer, she was completely shocked by the news.


“Surely they weren’t talking about me … there must be some mistake, I remember thinking. I have regular mammograms, I go to the gym, I don’t smoke. Where’s the fairness in that?” writes Janise.


But she quickly concluded the best way to deal with her diagnosis was to tackle the disease head on and with a positive attitude. Janise Beaumont joins Kayley Harris and Ian Rogerson and shares her personal story of survival and positivity.