Sweet, But Smelly Pets


Our fury family friends are just gorgeous to snuggle up to… But let’s be honest they can get a little bit stinky!


Sitting next to a smelly pet is never pleasant, laying next to a smelly pet isn’t pleasant! These odors and of course the flatulence can be a sign of underlying problems…


Whilst it’s normal for pets to smell like pets, if they are letting off unbearable odors on a regular basis that may be something you have to monitor.


Sometimes they need more than just a good bath and brush to fix the problem and possibly a trip to the vet is the best option if the odors are ongoing..


Dr Nick Taylor says ” Our dogs and cats shouldn’t smell bad to us… a smelly pet should be a sign that something is wrong”


Dr Nick Taylor from Greencross Vet’s joined David Prior and Dr Jo Righetti on the line to talk about the company in which he is part and about ways to help reduce the smells your pet produces.


If you need some tips on how to keep your pets smelling fresh, listen to the chat above.


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