Are restaurant menus too pretentious?


Remember back in the day, when you went out to dinner, menus were much simpler?


There was a steak, fish and chips, and for those with more exotic tastes, schnitzel or lasagna.


Tastes of the Orient meant a trip to your local Chinese restaurant. Mediterranean options were limited to a souvlaki. And if you wanted to be fancy, there was always a Vol-au-vant.


These days, restaurant menus read more like a foreign phrase book. Food has become fashion, and a night out can turn into a nightmare if you’re not down with the lingo!


Callan Boys is the editor of the Good Food Guide in the Brisbane Times and has written a terrific piece about modern menu confusion, and he chats with Kayley and Nick on The Daily Drive.


According to the OpenTable research the top ten most misunderstood menu items in Australia are:


  1. Mirepoix
  2. Salmagundi
  3. Shakshuka
  4. Pan haggerty
  5. Meuniere
  6. Beignet
  7. En papillote
  8. Lardo
  9. Amuse bouche
  10. Blanquette de veau