Identity Theft: How to protect yourself


Are you surprised to know that the annual cost of identity fraud to Australians is over 2.2 billion dollars?


Fraudsters are smarter than most would like to admit, and with technology advancing faster than ever, scammers are constantly on the lookout for new ways to obtain your private information.


“One of the many methods these criminals use is stealing peoples personal information from their recycle bin” said Detective Superintendent Arthur Katsogiannis, the State Crime Command’s Fraud and Cybercrime Squad Commander.


“It’s information that people have discarded and thrown away.  They think it’s out of harms reach but criminals are scouring through it, trying to form a profile of you so they can take your identity” he said.


Mr Katsogiannis said there a three ways criminals can attempt to take your identity; through mail theft, compromising or ‘hacking’ your personal computer through malware, and people sharing too much information on social media.


For ways to protect yourself, stream John & Garry’s full chat with Superintendent Katsogiannis via the above player.