Minimise certain Cancers by changing your lifestyle



Did you know that your risk of developing certain cancers can be minimised by changing your lifestyle habits?


This month, Healthshare, Bowel Cancer Australia and the John Flynn Colorectal Centre are calling on Australians to look out for the warning signs of bowel cancer.


A staggering 1/2 Australians will be diagnosed with some form of cancer by the age of 85, however it’s not always clear which forms of cancer can be prevented or minimised through lifestyle habits.


With such a high prevalence of cancer within the Australian population, some people question their need to change their lifestyle habits – but this devil-may-care attitude is dangerous, and is potentially costing Australians their lives.


Bowel cancer’s risk can be minimised through healthy eating and primary screening, yet, in spite of this, it still occupies one of the top spots as Australia’s second biggest cancer killer, second only to lung cancer.


Bowel cancer kills approximately 4,162 people each year, but unlike breast or prostate cancer, its risk can be minimised through a healthy diet comprised of plenty of vegetables and fibre, alcohol consumed in moderation and exercise.


Few people are also taking advantage of the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program. The test is currently available free for certain Australians over 50. You can view your eligibility on the Bowel Cancer Australia website here.


Dr Stephen White is the founding member of the John Flynn Colorectal Centre, practicing at the John Flynn Hospital since 1995 and co-director of the John Flynn Anorectal Physiology Laboratory since 2003.


Dr Stephen White joins Ed Phillips on Health & Wellbeing – listen to the full interview above