He’s a supervet that’s for sure!


‘Supervet’ airs on SBS television and follows Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and his team at Fitzpatrick Referrals in the UK who really are supervets!


Not only do we get to see their amazing surgical successes on screen, small animal Neurology, Orthopedic Surgery…


But we feel the conditional love that goes between pet owners and their animals…


Professor Noel is a pioneer of surgery and has also set up a charity ‘The Human Animal Trust’ which pioneers one medicine for humans and animals.


Dr Jo was pretty star struck when she spoke on the phone to Professor Noel Fitzpatrick from one of her favourite television series.


He spoke to her all about some of the amazing animals he has operated on and rescued and even told her that he just completed a surgery a few hours before doing the interview…


“I literally just came out of an operation now with a dog that had cancer in its leg three hours ago and has a bionic leg now and that dog will be walking tomorrow”


Dr Jo definitely felt like part of the action….


Listen to their chat above.


For more information: https://www.thesupervet.com/