Why every child needs a pet


Parent’s often buy their children pets at a young age to teach them a thing or two about manners and responsibility.


But apparently there are way more benefits to growing up with a pet than you may think!


A new international study conducted by the University of Liverpool and the Waltham Centre  has found that pets can promote social skills and boost self-esteem in children


Story Dogs is only one of the many programs that have already put this knowledge to good use.


They take trained dogs into schools to help children with their reading and aim to make learning a fun and engaging activity.


Animal Behaviourist Dr Kate Mornement joined Dr Jo Righetti and Suzy Yates on the show to talk about the study’s findings.



If you need some advice from Dr Kate click follow the link below.


And for more information about Story Dogs click on the link below:  http://storydogs.org.au/