6 secrets to the perfect beer


What makes the perfect beer?


“The Beer Diva” Kirrily Waldhorn recently joined Nick Bennett on the Drinks Review with Dan Murphy’s and gave some tips for the perfect beer experience.


We’ve brewed them down to 6 points for you:


  1. The perfect variety – Your trusty old lager isn’t going anywhere and with over 100 different kinds of beers out there, it’s entirely possible you’re yet to taste your favourite. Pale ales, IPAs and pilsners are all very popular right now and all offer something different. It might be worth giving them all a try (over a couple of different sessions, of course).


  1. The perfect glass – Just like a good wine, part of the joy of a good beer is in the smell. So while it may sound strange, Kirrily suggests using a wine glass for your beer as well. Feel free to give it a sophisticated little swill and sniff too. You know you want to.


  1. The perfect head – It looks great, there is some great flavour in the foam and it adds another texture- but the real advantage is to “keep a lid” on your beer and stop oxygen getting in and interfering with the taste. It also serves as a quick and easy moustache solution for the follicularly-challenged. 1 ½ to two fingers width is ideal.


  1. The perfect pour – Kirrily swears by the “two-pour system”. For this one, you’ll need to hear Kirrily herself explain it! Listen to the podcast above for more.


  1. The perfect food pairing – Balance is key. Don’t let either your beer or food overpower its partner. Find a beer with complimentary flavours for the dish or use it as a palate cleanser. For example, a bit of hoppy-bitterness like you find in an IPA can be perfect to cut through richness in food.

6. The perfect temperature – Not too cold! Refreshing as it can be on a summer’s day, having your beer sub-zero can actually ruin the taste. 4 degrees or usual straight-out-of-the-fridge temperature is perfect. As Kirrily says, don’t bother putting glasses in the fridge or freezer- make more room for beer!