What vino for veggies?


We all know a bold shiraz is right at home with a beautifully cooked porterhouse, and a crisp white with around a dozen oysters or so…


But what about when meat is off the menu? Do you know what to pair with potato? Or what drop balances beets?


Often ‘veggies’, despite their variety and versatility, seem to be dismissed as one type of flavour when it comes wine pairings. It’s something that really gets to the Drinks Review’s wine expert Peter Nixon- as he rightly points out, some of the world’s most famous and popular dishes are vegetarian.


Peter says that when it comes to pairing wine, whether there’s meat involved or not, you can always ask the same questions: What’s the cuisine? What spices and flavours are present? How spicy or rich is the dish?



From there, it’s a case of comparing and contrasting- choosing either complimentary and contradictory notes in your wine to either support or balance out the apparent flavours in your meal.


In particular, he has some great suggestions for wines to try with your next vegetable korma or spicy thai dish. Have a listen to the podcast for that and more.