Are you a weirdo if you speak to strangers?


In years gone by, it was perfectly normal to strike up a conversation with a stranger.


Maybe you were both in a lift. Or maybe you were standing in line at the supermarket. Perhaps you were sitting next to them on the train.


Regardless of where you were, small talk with a stranger was fine and even considered polite.


But if you try striking up a conversation with stranger these days you’ll be met with raised eyebrows and mild offense, as if you’re some sort of deranged lunatic.


That’s if any attention is paid to you at all. Most people’s eyes and thumbs are deep in their mobile phones with their their ears tucked behind headphones.


Psychologist Marny Lishman thinks we’re missing out on important social interactions by failing to chat with people we don’t know, and she joins Kayley and Nick for a chat.