The problem of children in change rooms


Every parent will have to deal with this problem at some stage.


You’re with your kids at a public pool and it’s time to use the change rooms. But you’re on your own- your husband or wife isn’t with you. It’s just you and your child. And in this case, it’s Dad with his daughter, or Mum with her son. And so your child ends up in the change rooms of the opposite sex.



This is a situation which writer Koraly Dimitriades recently found herself in. She was in the change rooms with her daughter and a woman was there with her son- a grown boy. And, as boys tend to do, he was looking at the ladies in the change rooms.


Should boys be allowed in female change rooms? Even if they are accompanied by their mother? 


Koraly Dimitriades chats with Kayley and Nick on The Daily Drive.