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Australia’s most trusted radio network, Macquarie Media Limited, continues to deliver credible, adult and specialist news coverage around the clock. News associates worldwide include the highly respected CNN, BBC, NBC and AAP to ensure our listeners receive the most accurate news reports first.


Celebrating 90 years of broadcasting in 2015, Talking Lifestyle features some of the highest profile personalities in Australia with a mix of Lifestyle programming. Each programme packed with exciting topics that the audience can engage with, regular topical segments, Finance & sporting updates.


Macquarie Media Limited offers you the unique combination of premier talk stations – 2GB, 3AW, 4BC & 6PR – Talking Lifestyle, reaching 2.2+million different people each week across Australia. We know that advertising on with Macquarie Media Limited Network will attract the appropriate clientele to your business.


Macquarie Media Limited focuses on offering the services of well known and dedicated presenters who understand the importance of advertising, therefore driving your dollar further.


Macquarie Media Limited provides advertisers with an unprecedented radio marketing opportunity of utilising the most up to date news-talk and talking lifestyle formats. We also offer substantially lower rates per thousand than any other radio network while gaining the most reach into the affluent adult demographic.


Macquarie Media Limited also provides a unique cross-media coverage combining online and on-air campaigns through its collection of news, media and sports websites.


If you require any creative services, Macquarie Media Limited has an in-house graphic designer and a team of professional writers at your disposal!


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