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Big Risk Podcast


The challenge facing Australian small businesses

In Australia, under insurance is a big problem for many small businesses. In this fascinating podcast series, business journalist Julian Lorkin talks to a diverse group of business owners about the unique risks their businesses face.



Owner of Solved Today Plumbing & Electrical Arthur Kotsanis talks to business journalist Julian Lorkin about the risks he faces at work and how to avoid them

Sam Taylor from Glashaus Marketing joins business journalist Julian Lorkin to discuss the science behind minimizing risk and insuring your business. Hear how trying to be an expert in every facet of your business can be counter intuitive and why bringing in a consultant can make things easier.

Business journalist Julian Lorkin is joined by Sarkis Akle from Hair by PHD to discuss the landscape of the hair and beauty industry in Australia and his plans to expand the business. Hear the factors every business owner should consider in order to help them manage and operate their business with confidence.


In this episode, Julian talks to Matt Keith GM of Rocky Point Mulching. Listen to Matt’s wonderful story as it winds its way from his grandfather starting a sugar cane farm in the 1940’s to Matt winning Australian Farmer of the Year last year.


Each week, David Koch and Nick Bennett catch up with a WFI Area Manager to discuss the importance of insurance for a Small Business, highlighting some unique examples



Last year was all about investigating the big fixes some small business had to do to stay afloat and maintain success. Julian Lorkin revealed the solid foundations of a successful small business. Dig into the archives and enjoy The Big Fix for Small Business.

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