• Wine and Dine

    19:00-20:00, Tuesday

    Join Nerida Conway and Ben Malouf as they talk about all things delicious. From putting together an easy family dinner, to finding the best wine on a budget, Nerida and Ben have all the best ideas every Tuesday night.

  • 9Honey

    15:00-16:00, Thursday

    Join 9Honey every Thursday afternoon for the latest news and views in parenting, food, fitness, style, travel and more. Helen McCabe and Kerri Elstub bring you the very best of the 9Honey network, with exciting guests and experts to help you get more out of life. Along the way they love to hear your thoughts and opinions, and have some fun as well!

  • Living Fresh

    14:00-15:00, Monday to Friday

    Join Ed Phillips and Kim McCosker, author of the phenomenally successful 4 Ingredients cookbooks, as they talk about the freshest ingredients and how to use them to make delicious meals. From Monday to Friday, Living Fresh is like catching up with friends around the kitchen table.

  • Smart Shopper

    1pm-2pm, Friday
    Matt Summerill has the inside word on all the best deals - where to find them and how to get them. Matt talks to the experts on shopping to help you save money.