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43 mins ago / 51:37

In research presented at the 121st Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO 2017) in New Orleans, LA, a laser procedure to remove large, symptomatic floaters from 680 patients resulted in complications in less than 1% of the patient population. Great news for sufferers. Dr Con Moshegov, laser eye surgeon and ophthalmologist, discusses […]

1 hour ago / 12:10

Sophia Hatzis from Macquarie Media suffered from anorexia for years, she is now well into her recovery and she joined Sam on Better Living to discuss how to best navigate Christmas time if you have family or friends who are suffering from an eating disorder.

1 hour ago / 09:00

With dermatologist Matthew Palmer.

3 hours ago / 10:32

We all love the feeling of being needed or wanted by our partner, but when it reaches a stage where the affection turns into a 24/7 need, it’s just not cute anymore, and it can have major repercussions for the relationship. Do you think your partner may have formed an unhealthy attachment to you? Relationship […]

3 hours ago / 07:25

Dr Ross Walker answers your questions and also discusses varicose veins.

4 hours ago / 17:00

Tim talks to the National Manager at Automotive Network, Allianz Global Assitance, Luke Laurence about how to stay safe on the road this summer especially whilst travelling with your pet.

7 hours ago / 07:12

Tim and Dee Dee chat to Psychotherapist, Dr Karen Phillip about how your health can be impacted if you don’t take a holiday this summer break.

8 hours ago / 09:15

Randa Habelrih – Founder, MATES – chats to Kayley Harris and Nick Bennett about MATES, a program to try and stop bullying in schools.

23 hours ago / 10:10
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