• Good Thinking

    15:00-16:00, Wednesday

    Psychologists Dr Michael Carr-Gregg and Sabina Read know what makes people tick, and they're going to break down some of the everyday issues that we all encounter. They love to hear from you, and want to help out with your family relationships, phobias, and anything else that's on your mind!

  • Family Matters

    3pm-4pm, Wednesday

    Ed Phillips and Pat McDermott take a look at the issues that affect parents and grandparents. For more than 30 years Pat has written her Family Matters column in the Australian Women’s Weekly, and she’d love to hear from you about what matters to your family.

  • Talking Relationships

    21:00-23:00, Thursday

    Jonathan Coleman and Melissa Ferrari take your calls and talk to the experts about making the most of your relationships. Whether you’re looking for love or happily married, there’s something here for you.