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The festive season is nearly here and the round of parties has started, which means a lot of small talk with people you get stuck with – so how do we cope? Inspirational Speaker, Author & Master Speaking Coach Laurie Smale discusses with Sam on Better Living. 

22 hours ago / 10:06

  Who doesn’t have the occasional fight with their brothers or sisters? It’s bound to happen at least a few times over the years but can these disagreements eventually get out of control? Who’s to blame for sibling rivalries? The kids or the parents? These questions were all answered by Psychotherapist, Dr Karen Phillip today when she […]

22/11/2017 / 08:33

Tim and Dee Dee were joined by the Founder of Credi, Tim Dean to talk about the rules you should set if you’re going to be the bank of Mum and Dad.  

21/11/2017 / 11:35

  Nick and Sam are joined by Talking Lifestyle relationship expert Melissa Ferrari to discuss how far into a relationship couples should be getting engaged.

20/11/2017 / 11:25

Tim Webster and Suzy Yates were joined by Sue Spring to talk about her trip to South America to reunite with her family.

17/11/2017 / 14:09

Paul Benheim talks hemp foods, Gareth Harold explains about the English cafe where everything is free, and relationship expert Melissa Ferrari talks social media habits and connecting with your partner.

16/11/2017 / 25:10

Psychotherapist and relationship expert Melissa Ferrari shares what you shouldn’t post on social media about your relationship.

16/11/2017 / 20:46

Melissa Ferrari joins Jono Coleman to talk about the pros and cons of connecting and disconnecting from your partner.

16/11/2017 / 44:02

Psychotherapist Melissa Ferrari joins Jono Coleman to talk about the emotional dance of connection and disconnection couples and how it can help you understand and repair relationship issues.

16/11/2017 / 23:14
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