• Roothy’s Australia

    15:00-17:00, Friday

    John ‘Roothy’ Rooth is an icon in the Australian 4WD community, and he’s got plenty of good yarns to tell. Kick back on a Friday afternoon with Roothy and the Duck as they talk about the outback, four wheel driving, and all things Australian.

  • Sunday Travel

    12:00-13:00, Sunday

    Pamela Wright joins Clinton Maynard to take you around the world and around the country each Sunday afternoon. From relaxing cruises and resorts to the best adventure trips, Pamela gives you the inside tips on how best to plan your next holiday.

  • On The Water

    16:00-17:00, Saturday

    On The Water is everything you need to know to enjoy a complete boating experience. Geoff Moxham will provide listeners with a vast range of different boating agendas

  • Journeys to Come

    12:00-13:00, Saturday

    Join Australia’s best loved travel reporter Catriona Rowntree every Saturday afternoon. Catriona has explored Australia and the world, and shares her adventures with you and answers your questions on the best places to travel.

  • BIG4 Caravan and Camping Show

    14:00-15:00, Friday

    Ed Phillips and Robert Smith, aka ‘The Duck,’ has all the information you need to get outdoors and explore Australia. Covering everything from the gear you need for camping in the bush, to the best spots to park your caravan for a week by the beach, Ed and the Duck talk to the experts and love hearing from you on the open line.

  • Talking Travel

    10:00-11:00, Monday to Friday

    Every weekday Tim Webster takes you travelling around Australia and around the world. Tim helps you plan your next trip with the best travel ideas and deals, and loves to hear your travel stories and have a laugh along the way.