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Ian Hulme from Australian Rock Band CHOIRBOYS

30 years ago, at Mark Gable’s home in Church Point on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, the CHOIRBOYS were established…


Fast forward another 30 odd years and the band are now an iconic part of our Australian culture…


With rock hits like ‘Boys Will Be Boys’, ‘Never Gonna Die and of course the unofficial Australian anthem ‘Run To Paradise’… This group has been inseparable ever since.


People often say ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it..’ and that was clearly the motto for these fellas. 


When asked what made them get into rock music and why they have stuck with it it for so long Ian answered:


“It was a boy thing and we just never grew up… we didn’t grow out of it… other guys would grow out of it.. It takes a lot of commitment…”


David Prior spoke to Ian Hulme about their successful music career and the plans they have for the future.



Have a listen to the chat above.

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