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After Hours With Amanda Campbell

How Magic Can Be Used As Therapy and a Woman’s Recovery from Multiple Sclerosis Paralysis

Amanda Campbell, 37, who worked in the fashion industry and later became a sport kinesiologist, also shares her inspirational journey from incapacity to full recovery from Multiple Sclerosis.


From being told she might never walk again, wash or feed herself at the age of 24, Campbell is open and inspiring as she shares her journey through the years of denial, becoming paralysed five years later – and then through her mission to recovery.


“It’s amazing how everything can change in one moment,” says Campbell.


With the support of her friends, family, in particular her twin sister, and a team of specialists, the use of a new form of treatment and a bucket-load of personal determination, she beat all the odds.


“I was a woman on a mission. I was first in at the physio and last to leave. With a 50/50 chance I’d ever walk again, I learnt to run in six weeks.”

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