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After Hours With The Health Chef – Teresa Cutter

Australia’s personal health crisis driving unprecedented organic awareness
Organic awareness month celebrates the nation’s appetite for organics

1 September 2017 – Australia’s largest and most recognised industry powerhouse for organics, Australian Organic (AO), is celebrating all things organic during its annual Australian Organic Awareness Month (AOAM). This month the team behind the ‘Bud’ logo are shining the light on a booming industry, which is being driven by the nation’s health concerns as well as the environmental impact.

A national survey conducted last year, revealed that organic food has a firm foothold in Aussie shopping baskets, with more than two out of three households purchasing organic products in the last year.

As consumer consciousness grows, buyers are becoming more aware beyond just the traditional food and beverage categories that hidden nasties can even be found in the cosmetics we wear and use. The nation’s personal health concerns being identified as the key driver for consumers to switch to organics is sited in the 2017 Market Report.

Other key findings driving growth include:

·       18% of shoppers say the trigger to make the switch to organic was a health crisis/issue affecting themselves or their family
·       Top three perceived benefits of organics are chemical-free at 83%, additive-free at 75% and environmentally friendly at 65%
·       The number of consumers who have become more aware of the impact of food, fibre (textiles) and cosmetics on the environment has risen from 32% in 2014 to 41% in 2016
·       Organic producers, processers and handlers have grown from 2,567 in 2014 to 3,751 in 2016 (up by 5%), with producers representing the largest group in Australia (2,075)

Weighing into the Australian Organic annual report is a national consumer survey conducted by Mobium Group LOAS (Life Styles of Health and Sustainability Australia) with 1,024 households polled over one week in June 2016[1].

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