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Has your star sign been wrong all this time?


Each Tuesday John & Garry will speak with The Australian Skeptics to get a different point of view aired about any topic…

Today we talk star signs and astrology with Richard Saunders, Lifetime Member of the Australian Skeptics…

Richard says that Star signs are basically crap… the system most commonly used makes no sense (the Greco Roman system).

80% of people actually are born under a star sign different to the one they think they have. That depends on the procession of the equinox.

We normally think of 12 star signs… but in fact there are 13 along the path the sun takes every year.  Whatsmore, he says astrology was invented at a time when humanity didn’t know what the stars were.

FYI – The Skeptics are currently offering the $100,000 challenge that is open to anyone who can prove a psychic or ability under scientific conditions.

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