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The Daily Drive – 12/02/18


Listen to the full show podcast with Nick Bennett on Kayley Harris:

– A father in the U.S has started a club for single Dad’s to learn how to do their daughter’s hair after he realised it was a fantastic time to bond with his daughter… Nick and Kayley talk with Danyelle Connell, a hairdresser who runs her own Daddy Daughter Hair workshops.

– Nick and Kayley speak with Mo Jebara, founder of Mathspace about why paying kids to do their maths homework.

– Nick and Kayley talk to Tom Burns, from Reverse Pools, about all the different options available for people who want to get rid of their pool…

– Nick & Kayley talk to Psychologist, Amanda Gordon, to get all the helpful tips on how to enjoy the global day of love…

– Nick and Kayley speak with Tristen Myers from Sky News Weather about what constitutes a heatwave.

– Nick and Kayley talk to Maggie Scott, co-founder of Parachuute, the carpooling app for parents who are flat out running their kids to sport.

– Nick and Kayley talk to Mark Hedley from the Australian Wool Network, about the current wool industry boom that is struggling to find shearers to keep up with the workload.

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