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The Daily Drive – 13/03/18


Join Nick Bennett and Kayley Harris on the Daily Drive for 13/03/18:

  • Lara Shannon is a dog trainer & Co-host of Pooches at Play, and she joins Nick and Kayley to talk about the techniques you can use to get your pooch to stop barking.
  • Frontman of GANGgajang Mark Callaghan joins Nick and Kayley to talk about how you can join the biggest band in the world along side names like Barnsey, Midnight Oil, and Kasey Chambers!
  • Barry Parks is the senior journalist for Wheels magazine and he joins Nick and Kayley to look to the future and ask are electric cars the way forward?
  • Dr Allan Ared who is our resident eye expert with Jono Coleman joins Nick and Kayley to answer the old wives tale, “sitting too close to the TV gives you square eyes.”
  • David Thomas is the Founder of Australia China SME Association, and he joins Nick, Kayley, and Ben to talk about the rising market of China and how our brewers and grape growers can capitalize on the market.
  • Sue Badyari is the CEO of Australia Walking Holidays and she joins Nick and Kayley to let us know what Voluntourism is and why people are starting to do it.


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