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The moon landing conspiracy: real or faked?

The moon landing: did it really happen or was it all a big conspiracy?

Only a few days ago, a new photo surfaced that some are claiming proves the moon landing by the crew of Apollo 17 was staged. The photo, taken in December 1972, is of an astronaut walking on the surface of the moon. But some keen-eyed skeptics say there’s a reflection of a stagehand on the astronaut’s helmet.

Early theories suggested the lunar program was faked to boost American prestige, ensure continued NASA funding and to take minds off the Vietnam war.

In 1980, the Flat Earth Society accused NASA of faking the landings, claiming they accepted a Walt Disney sponsorship and even collaborated with science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke and film director Stanley Kubrick.

A French author claims astronauts did land on the moon but the photos were faked up to stop other states gaining any scientific benefits and a Russian politician has claimed the Kremlin actually helped NASA fake it all.

David S Percy currently holds a “whistle blower” theory, claiming the mistakes in the NASA photos are so obvious that they are evidence that insiders are trying to blow the whistle on the hoax.

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