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  • Talking Travel

    9am-11am, Monday to Friday
    Every weekday Tim Webster takes you travelling around Australia and around the world. Tim helps you plan your next trip with the best travel ideas and deals, and loves to hear your travel stories and have a laugh along the way.

  • John and Garry

    5am-9am, Monday to Friday
    Breakfast with John Stanley and Garry Linnell is the perfect way to start the day – the right mix of the day’s news and a lighthearted look at the things that matter to you.

  • Around The House

    11am-12pm, Monday to Friday
    DIY is one of Australia’s favourite pastimes - and Around The House is the best place to get the latest tips and tricks to help you transform your home. Tim Webster talks to all the experts, who welcome the chance to answer your questions via the open line.

  • FiftyUp Club News

    7pm-8pm, Monday - Thursday
    The FiftyUp Club was created to help consumers 50 and over get the discounts, special offers, and improved products and services they deserve. Join Kayley Harris and Luke Bona for a fun look at the benefits of being over 50.

  • Smart Money

    5pm-6pm, Tuesday
    Smart Money with Luke Bona is the best place to have all your money questions answered. Covering all the issues from loans and investments to superannuation, this is everyday finance in everyday language.

  • Talking Property

    5pm-6pm, Monday
    Every Monday night Luke Bona talks property with Australia’s real-estate experts. A fun look at one of the country’s hottest topics, you have the opportunity to get your questions answered on the open line.

  • Sports Today

    6pm-7pm Monday to Thursday, 7pm-8pm Friday
    Join Luke Bona and a team of experts for the latest sporting action. The open line fires up every night of the week, so jump in and have your say.

  • NRL Today

    5pm-6pm, Wednesday
    NRL Today has the best access to the latest news, interviews and behind the scenes stories from the NRL. It’s your chance to jump on the open line and have your say.

  • The Mail

    5pm-6pm, Thursday
    If you’re thinking of having a bet over the weekend, The Mail has all the news to help you out.

  • Smart Shopper

    1pm-2pm, Friday
    Matt Summerill has the inside word on all the best deals - where to find them and how to get them. Matt talks to the experts on shopping to help you save money.

  • The Great Escape

    3pm-6pm, Friday
    What better way to prepare for the weekend than spending a few hours with Chris Bowen and The Duck? Unwind with a few laughs and join the boys as they explore Australia, finding the best way to enjoy your weekend.

  • AFL Today

    6pm-7pm, Friday

    AFL Today talks to the big names of the game every Friday. The show previews the weekend's matches and gives you the chance to have your say on the open line

  • George and Paul

    6am-12pm, Saturday to Sunday
    George and Paul are renowned for their unique blend of news, lifestyle, and just plain fun. Their wit and wry humour is on display every Saturday and Sunday morning as they reflect on the week that was and give their unique take on the week to come.

  • CarAdvice

    12pm-2pm, Sunday
    Australia’s most popular motoring website is live on the radio every Sunday afternoon. Clinton Maynard is joined by Mandy Turner and the team of experts from CarAdvice to bring you the latest motoring news, review new cars on the market, discuss road safety issues and answer your motoring questions.

  • Healthy Lifestyle

    1pm-2pm, Monday to Thursday
    We’d all like to be healthier - and Healthy Lifestyle with Ed Phillips can help you get there. Monday to Thursday, Ed talks to the experts on all things health, and gives you the opportunity to put your own questions to those in the know.

  • Talking Gardens

    12pm-1pm, Monday to Friday
    The Ross family is Australia’s biggest name in gardens. Every weekday Linda Ross takes a look at the latest gardening news and answers all your questions on the open line.

  • Living Fresh with IGA

    2pm-4pm, Monday to Thursday
    Join Ed Phillips and Kim McCosker, author of the phenomenally successful 4 Ingredients cookbooks, as they talk about the freshest ingredients and how to use them to make delicious meals. From Monday to Thursday, Living Fresh with IGA is like catching up with friends around the kitchen table.

  • Personal Finance with Peter Switzer

    4pm-5pm, Monday to Thursday
    Peter Switzer is one of Australia’s leading financial commentators, and he’s using his decades of experience to help you make the most of your money. Focusing on personal finance, Peter loves to hear from you and explains in simple terms how to make the best decisions about your money.

  • Talking Technology

    8pm-9pm, Monday to Friday
    Got a question about technology? Get them answered via the open line on Talking Technology with Trevor Long. A fun way to get inside the world of computers, TVs, mobile phones and more, Trevor Long solves your tech problems and looks at all the new products on the market.

  • Journeys to Come

    2pm-4pm, Saturday
    Join Australia’s best loved travel reporter Catriona Rowntree every Saturday afternoon. Catriona has explored Australia and the world, and shares her adventures with you and answers your questions on the best places to travel.

  • SWIISH by Sally Obermeder

    4pm-5pm, Saturday
    Tune into SWIISH by Sally Obermeder for the latest news and views on topics including fashion, beauty, health and family.

  • On The Water

    5pm-6pm, Saturday
    On The Water is everything you need to know to enjoy a complete boating experience. Patrick Bollen and Geoff Moxham will provide listeners with a vast range of different boating agendas

  • Psychic Encounters with Sharina

    8pm-midnight, Sunday
    Celebrated Australian psychic Sharina shares her mystical insights, tarot reading skills and numerology abilities.

    Sharina's Website: www.sharinastar.com

  • Sunday Travel

    3pm-4pm, Sunday
    Pamela Wright joins Clinton Maynard to take you around the world and around the country each Sunday afternoon. From relaxing cruises and resorts to the best adventure trips, Pamela gives you the inside tips on how best to plan your next holiday.

  • Sunday Money

    2pm-3pm, Sunday
    The experts from Knowledge Bank IQ join Clinton Maynard each Sunday Afternoon to help you with your finances. The team will answer all your questions about superannuation, share investing and financial planning.

  • Sunday Gardening

    4pm-5pm, Sunday
    Judy Horton helps you in the garden every Sunday Afternoon. Whether you need help with the flowers, patching a lawn or planting new natives, Judy will take your calls and provide the best advice you’ll find.

  • Home Improvement

    5pm-5.30pm, Sunday
    Australians are obsessed with DIY and there is no better man than Simon Stevenson to help you with your projects around the house. Simon joins Clinton Maynard every Sunday to answer your questions on anything and everything concerning home improvement and DIY.

  • Healthy Living

    6pm-8pm, Sunday

    Dr Ross Walker is an eminent practising cardiologist with a passion for people and health. Healthy Living has cutting edge medical news and practical health tips for you and your family.

  • House of Wellness

    5.30pm-6pm, Sunday
    The best bits of the House Of Wellness - the program designed to help you get well, stay well, live well and look great.

  • Healthy Life

    2pm-3pm, Friday

    Australia’s leading health food retailer Healthy Life has decades of experience in helping you and your family live a healthier life. Every Friday you can have your questions answered by qualified experts.

  • Your Money & Your Life

    12pm-2pm, Saturday

    One of the biggest personalities in Australia and the country’s top personal finance expert David Koch helps you make the most of your money every Saturday Afternoon. From how to budget to how to investment, Kochie will guide you through the financial world and have plenty of fun along the way.

  • Second Career

    9pm-11pm, Monday
    Whether you want to get back into work, or want to change the work you currently do, then Second Career can help. David Prior and employment guru Matthew Tukaki have plenty of tips, ideas and information about careers.

  • Talking Relationships

    9pm-11pm, Tuesday
    Every Tuesday night David Prior takes your calls and talks to the experts about making the most of your relationships. Whether you’re looking for love or happily married, there’s something here for you.

  • Australia Overnight with Tony Moclair

    Midnight-5am, Monday to Friday
    Tony Moclair entertains you through the night, and takes all your calls

  • Lifestyle Highlights

    11pm-12pm Monday to Friday
    The best bits from 2UE Talking Lifestyle

  • Saturday Night with Pete Graham

    6pm-midnight, Saturday
    Join Pete Graham each week for uplifting, feel-good radio with a focus on community.

  • Staying Well

    9pm-11pm, Wednesday
    Dr Ross Walker helps you stay well every Wednesday night, joining David Prior to take your calls on health and wellbeing. It’s a positive look at how to be and stay healthy!

  • Talking Pets

    9pm-11pm, Thursday
    Dr Joanne Righetti knows pets better than anyone, and loves to help you with your pet problems. Join Dr Jo and David Prior on Wednesday nights for a bit of fun as they go into pet health, pet technology, pet travel and more.

  • Talking Entertainment

    9pm-11pm, Friday
    Friday nights on 2UE Talking Lifestyle are for music, movies, books and more. David Prior helps you unwind with two hours of great entertainment.

  • Roothy’s Australia

    6pm-7pm, Saturday (starts September 24)
    John ‘Roothy’ Rooth is an icon in the Australian 4WD community, and he’s got plenty of good yarns to tell. Kick back on a Saturday evening with Roothy and the Duck as they talk about the outback, four wheel driving, and all things Australian.

  • Weekend Overnight

    Midnight-6am, Saturday to Sunday

    Alan Pearsall keeps you company, taking calls from all over Australia throughout the night.