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Want to improve your relationship? Here’s what to stop doing.

Did you know… ‘Half of all married couples aren’t having sex, or are having sex less than 10 times a year?’ The Guardian. 


Apparently there is a pretty simple reason for this!


There are just too many things nowadays that distract us from focusing on the emotional and physical connection we share with our partners.


Phones and TV’s top the list, but you can also include porn, endless outside activities and work commitments or projects that take up most your downtime.


If you feel something isn’t right in your relationship or even in the bedroom… No point ignoring it, speak up, otherwise the cracks may begin to show.


Melissa Ferrari and Jono Coleman were joined on the show by renowned American Relationship expert, author, screenwriter and co-host of FYI’s Seven Year Switch, Charles J. Orlando, to get some tips on how to eliminate the distractions in your life and reconnect with your partner.


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