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Navigating the world of modern dating and finding the right partner can be difficult nowadays, what with speed dating, dating apps, match makers, ghosting and just being plain old busy!

For the first time ever, we can also screen our potential dates with social media, which can make those first date nerves even stronger. Thus it is important to understand what really counts when trying to find an ideal partner, and try to avoid getting caught up in nerves, especially in the early stages of a relationship.


For instance, instead of going into a date feeling self-conscious, think of it as a chance to develop your social skills and meet a new person!


David Prior and Melissa Ferrari were joined by clinician, researcher, couple therapist and author of Wired For Dating Dr Stan Tatkin, to expand on these dating tips and give an insight into how you can screen your partner to know what you are looking for in your perfect mate.


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